Friday, November 20, 2009

How do you like these tangerines.

Citrus season is upon us! First come tangerines, tangelos, lemons and grapefruits. Followed by the flood of navels and honeybells. Doug picked enough off our neighbor's tree to last us several weeks, and I'm really excited to make some candied rinds for Christmas presents... more on that in another post.


  1. lucky bitch!!!!!!! i couldn't believe how citrus trees lined the streets in tucson when we were down there.

  2. I like how your profile picture is watching Doug pick the citrus. And his citrus shirt.
    And I can't wait to hear about your candied rinds... I plan to try it once this season.

  3. i second micalee's "lucky bitch!" I hear the candied rinds take like 3 days. I saw a post on them on a blog the other day and I was thinking of trying them. I will be interested to read your take on the process.