Monday, November 23, 2009

farm news

We spent most of Sunday picking. washing and sorting veggies to sell at my sister-in-law's coop. I had the task of picking beans, and I just have to say that there is no possible way that beans can/should ever be sold for .99 cents lb. And the fact that they are, and have been for probably the last 10 years shows that farmer's are so under valued , or should I say the day laborers who do the stooping and bending that is the back breaking work of picking are. Machines can not pick beans. Surely machines grow them and spray them full of pesticides, but our beans are hand picked one by one with love by yours truly :)

And now, I wanted to share some updated photos of the farm from yesterday.

This next series is a bit obscene. These are the flowers (the female parts) that when pollinated become the fruit....

cover your eyes.... green bean


another type of bush bean

The farm itself is a perfect eco-system with ponds surrounded by wildflowers which in turn bring lots and lots of bees that bumble about doing the pollination work. Here are a few of the wildflowers around the pond.

And last but not least... farmer Doug works his magic on his prize-winning mustard greens..


  1. beautiful! once again i'm absolutely jealous!

  2. Y'all have quite the operation already.

    PS- could you teach me how to put that slideshow on your blog? I can't figure it out for the life of me. maninoveralls at gmail dot com

    Thanks so much. Happy writing that dissertation.